Chip and Ironicus

This website was created sometime in 2009. Originally just a list of all of our videos, it's slowly evolved over the years into what it is now.

Chip and Ironicus started doing these videos back in the summer of 2008 just for the hell of it. Somehow it's managed to spiral into this! Who knows how long this will go for, but it's showing no signs of stopping soon!

Chip Cheezum

Chip's the one in charge of designing the site, editing the videos, and generally playing the games as well. He used to yell a lot in videos, but now he doesn't. A tiny man who wears tiny pants.

General Ironicus

Long-time friend of Chip and the co-commentator in most videos. Loves Dr. Who and tabletop gaming. Takes part in a D&D/tabletop gaming podcast that you can find here!


A friend of Chip's that replaced Ironicus as co-commentator for the Metal Gear Solid/Twin Snakes LP. Loves Silent Hill to the point that she's done let's plays of them herself.

She has done LPs for Silent Hill 0rigins, Silent Hill, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.


A friend of Chip's that usually pops up in multiplayer videos. She's the co-commentator for multiplayer games.

Dad Buster

Chip's dad. If there's a live recording happening he will always walk into it. Favorite conversation topics include sports and Star Trek. Seen mostly in the No More Heroes LP.


A channel run by Slowbeef and Diabetus that makes fun of bad youtube let's plays and other things.


Our own retsupurae spin-off channel.

Youtube Channel

Our main video host.

Let's Play Subforum

This is where you can find the threads for our LPs.

LP Archive

Finished LPs from Something Awful get archived here.