What is a let's play?

It's a playthrough of a videogame with commentary on top of it. Sometimes it's just to show off everything in the game, sometimes it's just to be funny. We do our let's plays on the let's play subforum at Something Awful.

One of your videos doesn't work!

If you ever find any problem with the site, just click on the mail icon below and send me a message.

How often do you update?

Our update schedule is sporadic. I try to update once a week, but this can't always happen. Subscribe to our RSS feed to know when updates go up.

Can I be in one of your videos?

Only if we know you and think you're cool!

Can I make a request?

No, the games we LP are entirely decided by us.

What is Dual Commentary?

Many of our videos have two audio tracks. Cut Commentary is where we do not talk over cutscenes and other imporant in-game events. Uncut Commentary has us talking over everything in the game, even cutscenes.

You can watch uncut videos on our site, but they are also a second track you can switch to in the downloaded videos.

How do I switch tracks?

You switch over to the other track by downloading the video to your computer and playing it in a media player capable of switching tracks. The best media player to use is Media Player Classic combined with the CCCP codec pack.

To switch audio tracks in Media Player Classic, simply press the "A" key on your keyboard. You can also change it by going to Navigate > Audio Language. You can switch it in VLC by going to Audio > Audio Track.